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A 4000-tonne steel giant rests at the centre of TRIUMF.

Inside it, thousands of trillions of particles zoom in ever-widening orbits as they approach the speed of light. Blink, and they’ve escaped; flying through a network of underground pipes on a one-way trip to a collision that is the closest thing to alchemy.


For 50 years, TRIUMF has stood at the frontier of scientific understanding as Canada’s leading particle and nuclear physics centre. Driven by two made-in-Canada wonders - the world’s largest cyclotron, and our new superconducting linear accelerator - we continue to ask the big questions about the origins of the universe and everything in it. Together with our community, our family of 20 Canadian universities, our fellow laboratories and research institutes, and our international partners, we collaborate in pursuit of answers.


TRIUMF50 commemorates the last five decades of world-leading, Canadian-driven science and innovation, right here in Vancouver. Join us throughout the year in 2018 as we celebrate 50 years of discovery.





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